Tell us how Bain de Minuit Swim was born ?
Laura : Bain de Minuit Swim was born after a long trip in Hawaï, in 2017.
Afterwards, Candice becomes more and more passionate about sharks and decides to quit her life in Paris to dive with them, for 6 months, in Florida.
At the same time, I moved to New York to pursue my modeling career, and got a different perception of fashion.
Soon after, we decide to get started and jump in the creation of our first collection of swimwear. Inspirations were endless.

Why the name « Bain de Minuit » ?
Candice : This name inspires us adrenaline, passion and freedom. Three explosive ingredients that fully illustrate the energy of Bain de Minuit.

Where do you get your inspirations from ?
Laura : Travels and the feeling of freedom that comes with it. We like to design unique and colorful pieces in harmony with our philosophy of life, inspired by our adventures, the notion of freedom, and the wonders of our oceans.
Mix it all with our Parisian style and our wild spirit and you get Bain de Minuit ! Our swimsuits reflect us as designers. They are atypical, unconventional and sublimate the personality of each woman.
Our Ocean Treasures shell necklaces are inspired by vahinés, and make us feel like real mermaids.

Being an sustainable swimwear label, how do you choose your fabrics and what are they made of ?
Candice : We put sustainability at the core of every choice we make. It is therefore essential for us to orient ourselves towards 100% eco-friendly materials.
Bain de Minuit has made a different choice, to leave a lighter footprint on the planet. Helping reduce our plastic wastes as much as we can is very important to us. We are not increasing demand for new plastic and instead, recycle from trashed fish nets and plastic bottle.
Laura : Our whole swimwear line is entirely eco-friendly. Our plain fabrics are made with ITALIAN ECONYL® : regenerated nylon coming from nylon waste such as fishing nets from the oceans and aquaculture industry, fabric scraps from mills and old carpets.
Our digitally printed fabrics from REPREVE is one of the most earth-friendly in the world. They have already transformed more than 15 billion recycled plastic bottles into amazing fabrics.

Describe the #BainDeMinuitGirl in one quote ?
Laura : The #BainDeMinuitGirl is audacious, a bohemian at heart, she has a decadent personality and does not go unnoticed.

Tell us about your passions ?
Candice : Scuba diving, island wandering, wild animals, any new adventure, my endless collection of bikinis !
Laura :  The effervescence of big cities, my dog Murphy who travels a lot with me, film photography, sun-bathing, fashion in the 80-90’s.
We are quite different but very complementary, which is our greatest strenght at work.

You can only bring 3 things on a trip, what’s in your bag ?
Laura : My film camera, my notebook to write, my Matisse one piece Ivoire,
Candice : A book of Mike Horn’s adventures, my favorite bikini the Reine in Turquoise, my dog Opium (who does not fit in the bag but we’re taking him anyways !)

You’re both always on the move, is this love for traveling has always been part of you?
Laura : We were fortunate enough, at a very young age, to have our parents flying us with them everywhere. There are so many wonders to explore and when it comes to design new bikinis, there is no boundaries to our inspiration !
We are huge fans of last minute road trips !! I live in New York and we often go off on a whim! We love the idea of getting up in the morning and being free to go where the wind carries us, a super exciting feeling!
It is important for us to share through our Instagram @baindeminuitswim this love for travels and adventures. That’s why most of our content is made in dreamy and exotic places like French Polynesia.
Since Bain de Minuit Swim has launched, we have been living between Bali, Paris, New York and … the rest of the world !

Your 3 favorite locations for going in vacation ?
Candice : Easy… Tahiti, Miami, Bali !
Laura : The Florida Keys, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, and Hawaï !

Your last favorite trip ?
Candice : French Polynesia, summer 2019. Undoubtely, one of the most spectacular trip of my life. We were lucky to visit these paradise islands aboard a small sailboat. We got to experience a whole new form of freedom : navigation. On this sailboat we designed our Calypso print, an tropical-island inspired pattern from our Winter Collection 2019.
Inspirations were endless,especially in terms of sustainability. We spent 1month sailing on a boat functioning solely on solar energy, our showers were taken once a day and no more than 3 minutes per person. This trip was a real life opener for our brand and the future actions we like to undertake towards the environement.
Now we challenge you to have a look at our diary and not having this compulsory feeling of wanting to purchase a ticket to Tahiti instantly !