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The day it all started

It was October 6, 2015 …

While Vivienne was driving her car, her path crossed the one of a young rabbit, alone in the middle of the road.

Vivienne named him Elvis because he was going to become The King, the central point of her whole universe.

A few months later, Vivienne adopted Choupette, a little bunny doomed to a sad destiny on « Le Bon Coin » (a french website similar to « EBAY ») …

Choupette and Elvis fell madly in love at first sight.

  • The tribe was widen again and again because …
  • Then Vivienne adopted Chipie
  • Then Vivienne adopted Kiwi
  • Then Vivienne adopted Iris
  • Then Vivienne adopted John Ross
  • Then Vivienne adopted Marley
  • Then Vivienne adopted Bobby
  • Then Vivienne adopted Napoleon

Then Vivienne decided to share her passion with other people and so she created a Facebook page dedicated to rabbits lovers.

Bain De Minuit Swim was very quickly successful.

As an artist of training, Vivienne decided to combine her two passions in a place where she would sell a selection of her favorite objects on the theme of rabbit. Both her creations and what she unearthed worldwide.

The concept store of « Bain De Minuit Swim » was born.

“Made for bunny addicts”


Graduated from the « Beaux-Art » School of the city of St Etienne, Vivienne Maun became sculptor and wildlife photographer, indeed animals are the central theme of her work.

In 2010, she created a bestiary papier mâché which she exhibited for many years at Maison & Objet in Paris and so she became a member of the Art Workshops of France which federate more than 6000 artisans through the entire France.

In 2012, her second passion, photography and primates, was awarded by a silver medal at the animal photography festival of Montier en Der.

But it’s a little rabbit that in 2015 will change her entire life. This meeting will bring Vivienne to her first love, drawing and creation. Elvis became  the muse of a collection going to from cushions to bags.

The little seed had sprouted …

Why not create a shop entirely dedicated to the world of lagomorphs? The bet was huge but it was still an obvious adventure for Vivienne.